Textbook Driver Safety Tips


Texting while driving causes car collisions - collision repair1. Don’t Text/Phone and Drive

One of the leading causes trending up in collision incidents have to do with drivers and their phones. For your own safety, like wearing a seat belt, don’t text and drive.

2. Slow down / Go the speed limit

The best benefit beyond safety is YOU SAVE ON GAS. We are not trying to state the obvious, but slowing down gives you more time to react and can prevent unnecessary accidents.

3. Give the cars around you room

The best way to avoid collision repairs is to not hit another car. If you are riding close behind another vehicle and they slam on the brakes unexpectedly, your car may be the one worse for wear.

4. Know What to do in an accident

Check yourself and your passengers. Watch for broken glass and make sure everyone in the other vehicle is OK. If anyone is injured, call 911 immediately. Know your rights. In New Mexico, you have the right to choose where you get your repairs.

5. Know Your Rights

Choosing a collision repair facility is your right, not your Insurance company’s. Learn more.