Putting the Brakes on Childhood Illness


Are you in need of Brakes?

Get new NAPA brakes and help children who are facing real life and death circumstances. The Children’s Miracle Network is a life line to local hospitals like Albuquerque’s UNM Children’s Hospital. UNMCH services the greater New Mexico region and provides life saving medical treatments to children who might not otherwise receive care. It is Jay Walton Automotive’s pleasure to build awareness and raise money to help such a worthy organization. This donation is made possible by NAPA Parts, NAPA Brakes and Jay Walton Automotive.

NAPA Brakes - brake pads - rotor - brake job

NAPA Brakes

Important piece of safety equipment on your vehicle. Proper brake operation can prevent a major accident and reduce injury and can lower your collision repair bill. Brake operation is straight forward. In the case of rotor brakes, your brake pad wears down from applying friction to the rotor and bringing down your speed. Some of the parts you instal are pads, most commonly and regularly replaced and calipers. After prolonged or heavy use you will need to machined and eventually replace rotors. There is also brake fluid you will need to occasionally flush. Learn more about brake repair

Different Brake Services:

  1. Standard reline – replace brake pads, inspect calipers, fluid and rotors
  2. Brake flush – flush and replace brake fluid, bleed brakes
  3. Rotor Replacements – once past their machine tolerance, rotors need to be repalced
  4. Drum  reline – replace pads in drum system

Caution – Don’t open your fluid reservoir without properly taking dust precautions. What was once a minor problem can become a major problem if you introduce dust, grease and foreign contaminants to your fluid. If you are not certain on how to properly clean and prepare your work area, then leave it to the professionals. We can help address other problems as they arise in your job. Let the professional ASE certified mechanics at Jay Walton Automotive help.