Should You Renew or Replace your Headlights?


The short dark days are setting in and your headlights are an important thing to consider for your night driving safety. An oxidized headlight can be dimmer, not giving you that extra reaction time to the dark. For keeping your headlights bright and shiny, our polish service can do wonders for livening up dull lenses. However, the desert sun can damage your lenses permanently and you need to know when to polish and when to replace.

If your vehicle is around 5 years old, you may start seeing oxidation and discoloration. This can often be polished back to a reasonable shine and color.

Headlight Restoration - Head lamp polishing

Headlight Polish

Go much longer than 5 years and a replacement may be the better fit for you. The cost difference can be nominal on most vehicles, but the results are remarkably better on an older lens. The older your car or truck, the greater the sun damage and oxidization. Contact us for a free estimate and find out which one is right for you.

New Headlight Replacements - new head lamp

Headlight Replacement