Headlight Repair may be the easiest way to fix dingy lenses


Headlight Repair

We can fix dingy headlight lenses. You can replace them or repair them. If you are interested in replacing headlights, click here

Your headlights are part of your safety equipment. If you are thinking, “my headlights are dingy, what’s on my headlight lens?” then it’s time to look at your options for fixing the situation. Your headlights may actually be dimmer than they need to be. Not to mention the look that the desert sun gives your vehicle as it oxidizes your lens. Your car that isn’t that old, suddenly looks ancient.

The simplest fix that we have found is a headlight repair. We take the cloudy headlight lens and sand it, buff it and paint it so that the lustrous finish comes back. This month we have an incredible offer that is 33% off your headlight repair. For only $99, we’ll make your headlights shine again.

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headlight repair for only $99