Top 5 Ways to add life to your car or truck


Vehicles are getting more complex and current production is full of electronics for passengers and computers for specific operational components in engines and transmissions. Failure or damage can be costly to replace at an automotive repair shop. These are things you are going to have to consider when purchasing your next vehicle. This may become a case of less is more when it comes to making a car last into the future. For now, however, many of the basics still apply.

  1. Use higher octane fuel, especially if your vehicle asks for it.
  2. Keep fluids and filters fresh and maintained. A combination maintenance and factory recommended replacements can help a car or truck last well above average.
  3. Stick with the factory maintenance schedule and keep up with recommended repairs to stay ahead of costly failures. (Remember, you don’t have to go to the dealer for these. Find a qualified ASE mechanic and a trustworthy local automotive repair shop.)
  4. Use quality parts. Replacement parts matter. Cheap parts aren’t made to last or take the stresses of automotive operation. If you have to buy a part three times, it’s not cheaper than buying one quality part.
  5. Find a quality local mechanic and stay with them. Find an automotive repair shop in your neighborhood or or on your way to work. Look for ASE Certified and the NAPA AutoCare sign. Check them out on the internet and then go get your oil changed. Developing a good relationship with your mechanic is like having good rapport with your doctor. In this case, we help keep your car healthy.

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