Driver Alert – Night Driving


The days are turning dark sooner. Take extra caution. Dusk is the time of day most likely for accidents to occur.

Halloween is just around the corner. Being on a Wednesday night, use extra caution and look out for kids on foot.

Here are some tips on how to be safe during your festivities.

  1. Wear reflective material as part of your costume. You can add reflective tape to parts of your costume to illuminate you.
  2. Avoid venturing out alone. Make sure there is an adult with your group.
  3. Examine all treats in a safe well lit area. Don’t eat too much. You feel sick because your body can’t process too much sugar in one sitting. Mix it up with healthy snacks and meals.
  4. Only eat homemade snacks at your home-base or party. Never eat them prepared by strangers.
  5. Only visit well lit homes. Stay away from dark homes and dark spaces.
  6. Have Fun!

More on health and safety from the CDC.

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