Extending The Lifespan Of Your Vehicle


Your late model car or truck was made to last. Stick to a good maintenance routine and don’t wait to replace parts that are starting to wear. When you buy a car new or lightly used, the best way to start is to stick to the factory maintenance schedule. Your car dealer may offer you a maintenance package. If you look at the fine print, you will end up paying a lot more for a lot less service than you would by just sticking with your trusted mechanic. If you are buying a new car, talk to us before you sign on to that maintenance program.

Speaking of maintenance, Jay Walton Automotive can take care of all your factory maintenance schedule. As your vehicle ages, it becomes more important to stick with the schedule. Replace parts as recommended. A serpentine belt may not be the coolest thing you ever bought for your car, but not buying it could cost thousands of dollars in damage if it breaks loose while driving.

And, always check your oil when you fill up your tank. If people knew how many times we’ve seen a thrown tie-rod, they would never want to run their vehicle while it’s low on oil. A couple extra minutes could save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Oil change special - Oil, lube and filter plus inspection $39.99

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