Air Filters

Keeping your sensitive parts clean is the job of the air filter or engine filters. Replace air filters frequently, especially in the dusty New Mexico climate that we have here in Albuquerque. Dusty winds and hot temperatures can dirty your air filters fast. This reduces efficiency and can lead to build up on parts you’d rather keep clean. Visit Jay Walton Automotive if you need an air filter shop in Albuquerque.

An air filter does what its name implies: it filters stuff out of the air. Air is drawn into your engine through the filter because your engine needs air to burn fuel. If the filter weren’t there, a lot of dust and debris would come into the vehicle engine with the air when you are driving around Albuquerque. That dust and debris would get hot, burn and produce all kinds of ash and gumminess that would eventually clog up your engine.

Regularly changing your air filters and fluids can help prevent bigger problems with larger parts later. A good rule of thumb is to follow your vehicles maintenance specifications and replace filters and fluids as conditions and build ups require.