Automotive Fluids

There are myriad fluids for your car or truck in any automotive shop in Albuquerque. A qualified mechanic knows which automotive fluids are best for which vehicle and application. This can be very confusing for the consumer. They may go to the store and grab Dot 5 Brake fluid, but their car takes traditional Dot 3. All he’s thinking is, I need to grab some brake fluid. Not all coolants are the same either. New materials under the hood have led to the need for new formulations to meet the demands of hot and cold.

Transmission fluid and flush on today’s modern transmissions should really be left to an expert automotive shop. A proper flush and new fluids on a regular schedule can add life and longevity to your transmission.

Motor Oil / Engine Oil is one of the automotive fluids consumers are often familiar with. Most drivers are checking their oil level regularly. If not, you should be. Even new cars are susceptible to a surprise oil leak and the difference can be thousands of dollars in engine repairs. And Never ever, keep driving if your engine is running hot. Pushing it isn’t worth the expense that follows.

Don’t forget to top off your windshield wiper fluid.

Here are some common fluids:

  • Coolant / Anti-freeze
  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Motor Oil
  • Windshield Fluid