As we head further and further into mobility and technology, we are asking more and more on our car batteries. Phone chargers, video players it all starts with your automobile’s battery. Then it’s supposed to start your car too. Paying attention to the health of your battery, can stop a tow truck moment. High heat or extreme cold can stop a battery dead in its tracks. All your problems seem small after you get stranded in the heat from a battery that gave up.

Checking your battery

Know how to check your battery vitals and pay attention to any dash lights that might indicate power problems.

  • Use a meter to check if battery is outputting power
  • Most batteries have a couple of cell lids on top. In hot New Mexico weather you may need to fill batteries with additional water.
  • Check cables for corrosion and damage

Have a professional help you. Batteries contain acid and can be very harmful if mishandled.

The battery and alternator are part of a greater electrical system that powers the vehicle demands based on make and model. It becomes the hub of the electrical system, so when the battery goes down, other systems go down with it. If you can’t start the vehicle, then none of the other systems can take over. That’s why jump starting the vehicle is a temporary solution. The starter requires a jolt from the battery. If your alternator is failing and therefore not charging your battery, you can have the same trouble.