Brake Repair

Brakes are an important piece of safety equipment on your vehicle. Proper brake operation can prevent a major accident and reduce injury and can lower your collision repair bill.

Brake operation is straightforward. In the case of rotor brakes, your brake pad wears down from applying friction to the rotor and bringing down your speed. Some of the parts involved in brake repair are brakes pads, most commonly and regularly replaced and calipers.

After prolonged or heavy use your rotors will need to be machined and eventually replaced once they have worn past their use. There is also brake fluid that need to occasionally be flushed and then the brakes bled.

Different Brake Services:

  1. Standard reline – replace brake pads, inspect calipers, fluid and rotors
  2. Brake flush – flush and replace brake fluid, bleed brakes
  3. Rotor Replacements – once past their machine tolerance, rotors need to be repalced
  4. Drum  reline – replace pads in drum system