Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission at Jay Walton Automotive is to provide the best auto repair service and auto body repairs available. Be a dynamic business that excels at building long term relationships with customers. We believe that this is accomplished by continuing to provide the same service and customer care which has earned us the reputation of integrity and phenomenal, quality and customer service.

Professional, Personal, Phenomenal

“Professional,” but we’re not a “big box” shop.

“Personal,” where you are a person with a name they know, not a number.

“Phenomenal” auto repair, serving the Albuquerque area for more than 30 years!


The history of auto repair at Jay Walton Automotive’s Central Ave location goes back to 1967 with a business called Auto Repair Service. Randy Luce started work there in 1972 as a teenager.


Jay Walton started in the automotive field with Chevron Oil Company as a service representative. In 1974 he opened his first service station in Albuquerque, adding two more soon thereafter. Jay Walton’s commitment to excellence made him the first repair shop owner in New Mexico to receive AAA approval.


In 1982 Jay purchased Auto Repair Service and renamed it Jay Walton Automotive. He brought with him his commitment to excellence and soon expanded to a full service repair facility. After hiring Randy Luce to work with him, Jay noticed Randy shared his commitment to excellence and promoted him to be his general manager. Randy served in that capacity for more than twenty years.


When Jay retired in 2007, he sold his business to Randy Luce and his wife Sandi. In honor of Jay’s legacy, Randy and Sandi decided to maintain the shop’s name and they continue the commitment to excellence established by Jay.